The list of national border points as they were agreed between member states. It corresponds to "Table 6 : List of border points" from the RINF Application Guide

GET BorderPoints

GET the list of existing agreed national border points


Endpoint for certificates - this section is restricted to RINF administrators and Railway Undertakings

GET Certificates

List all certificates that were created

GET Certificates/{id}

Get the information about a certificate provided by its identification number

GET Certificates/{id}/{format}

Get the file of the certificate with , in


DataManagement endpoint is responsible for handling the requests for Management of RINF MemberState Datasets. This section is restricted to member states NREs.

GET DataManagement/Validate?fileName={fileName}

Asyncronously validate one of the datasets

GET DataManagement/Import?fileName={fileName}

Asyncronously schedule a dataset to import

GET DataManagement/ValidationResults?fileName={fileName}

Get the validation results for a dataset

GET DataManagement

List of the dataset uploaded by the user in RINF

POST DataManagement

Dataset file asyncronous update operation. The XML file must be archived in a ZIP format before the upload.


The DatasetImports endpoint can be use to trigger alerts in case of new data updates.

GET DatasetImports

GET the list of all last data set imports by member state

GET DatasetImports?countryCode={countryCode}&version={version}

No documentation available.


Operational Point general endpoint

GET OperationalPoints

Get 10 operational points containing all data

GET OperationalPoints?keyID={keyID}&keyVersionID={keyVersionID}

Returns a single Operational Point defined by its ID and VersionID keys


The endpoint containing methods for route calculation

GET Routes/From/{from}/To/{to}

Calculate the shortest route between two operational points determined by their name or the Unique OP ID

GET Routes/Localize/{name}

Localize a point by its partial name or by its Unique OP ID


The andpoint for the Section Of Lines operations

GET SectionsOfLine

GET the list of sections of line

GET SectionsOfLine?keyID={keyID}&keyVersionID={keyVersionID}

Returns a single Section Of Line defined by its ID and VersionID keys


XmlDatasets endpoint allows users to download latest XML datasets as they were provided by the NREs

GET XmlDatasets/{memberStateCode}

Asyncronously downloads the last dataset file used for the lasdt data import

GET XmlDatasets/{memberStateCode}/{IMCode}

Asyncronously downloads the last dataset file used for the last data provided by a specific infrastructure manager